Looking for a Land Ethic on Virginia Tree Farms

Looking for a Land Ethic on Virginia Tree Farms

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


John Matel


  1. Getting the Message Out
    07 Jan, 2018
    Getting the Message Out
    Persuasion I am writing a presentation that I will deliver at one of the breakout sessions at the Tree Farm National Leadership Conference, in Albuquerque, New Mexico - January 31-February 2. The topic is “Using more wood for the love of forests: getting the message out.”  This is background for the “getting the message out” part. I am overdoing it a bit.  Don't worry; this is not the text for the talk. For anybody who plans to attend the session, don’t worry. I am NOT planning to deliver this
  2. February in the forest - burning under the pines
    07 Feb, 2017
    February in the forest - burning under the pines
    We did the prescribed burn under our 2012 planted longleaf. Longleaf and loblolly were planted at the same time. Loblolly are fire adapted but longleaf are fire dependent. I am reasonably confident that almost all the longleaf will survive the fire and thrive. I will see about the loblolly. My guess is that most will be okay, but some will be thinned out.  I am going to update every month with pictures and texts. My longleaf sit on the north and western edge of the natural longleaf range. I am
  3. Forest Certification
    10 Dec, 2016
    Forest Certification
    We are talking about third party certification. This means that all aspects of the forestry operation are evaluated by an objective third party, i.e. not forest owners themselves or those interested in buying their timber. It works like an audit of business accounts and activities.