About Us
The American Tree Farm System 

The American Tree Farm System is a program of the American Forest Foundation designed for woodland owners who are committed to sustainably managing their woods for wood, water, wildlife and recreation.  The ATFS program is managed in states by diverse organization of volunteers including landowners, foresters, state forestry agency representatives, and others.  In Virginia, the Virginia Tree Farm Foundation manages the program.

ATFS works to sustain forests, watershed and healthy wildlife habitats through the power of private stewardship by offering affordable forest certification for family forest landowners in the United States. ATFS has undergone many changes since its beginnings in 1941 and is now internationally recognized as a credible forest certification system. For over 70 years, ATFS has enhanced the quality of America’s woodlands by giving forest owners the tools they need to keep forests healthy and productive. Third party certification through ATFS is one of these important tools. 

To become certified, ATFS landowners must:
  • Own at least 10 acres of forestland;
  • Implement a written forest management plan; and
  • Follow ATFS and AFF's 2015-2020 Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification for Private Forestlands.
Tree Farms are inspected and certified to assure proper forest management that includes the conservation of soil, water and wildlife.

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The Virginia Tree Farm Foundation

The Virginia Tree Farm Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization working to implement the mission of ATFS on the ground in Virginia through:
  • Coordinating and tracking inspections to ensure that Virginia Tree Farmers meet the Standards of Sustainability
  • Landowner outreach and communications
  • Participation in public events to support ATFS and its stakeholders
The Foundation is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors and is financially reliant on donations from forest landowners, forest industry, and others who support its goals.